Welcome to the Spirit of Yoga with Cathie. .....I have now  moved Classes at Norwood to other studios  in Norwood and the Ashtanga Hatha Yoga Shala.   A full schedule of classes and courses for 2015 will be up on the website soon. If you would like to keep updated you can email us or visit us on FB  www.facebook.com/MindfulbodyYoga



Restorative Yoga in Norwood, March 8th. & April 19th 10am. Full details Here. 

Yoga in The Park 9am inMarch Dates 7th, 14th & 21st.

Saturday $12 see details.  .

Beginners Courses:

Norwood. February 18th.     This course has commenced you are welcome to join in and try. 7.30pm Wednesdays, 65 Beulah Road, Norwooo.



ALL NEW!!  Yoga Space for the Tea Tree Gully Classes.

 at No Limits Fitness, Ridgehaven in a private studio.  

Wednesday at 9.30am Starts Feb 4th.

Please email me on info@spiritofyoga.com.au if you wish to be sent class info for 2015.

Bliss Yoga Retreat, May 2015. now open for Registration

See Flyer Here,  ......Register Here




Yoga has been acknowledged by the health industry as a valid aid to enhance overall health and wellbeing. It is the oldest and most trusted subject on personal development and is the science of life. Yoga has realistic solutions that aid your journey back to good health by learning the Yoga Practices taught in the classes and workshops.Vishuddhi2.jpg - small
See the classes page for all class info and workshops.. Classes are held at our New Norwood Studio and Tea Tree Gully.
Spirit of Yoga School endeavours to follow the eigth fold path or eight limbs of Yoga of Pantanjali.
Yamas/Nyamas - Moral codes/personal diciplines
Asana/Postures - Physcial practices
Pranayama - Breath flow and balance
Pratyahara - Withdrawal of the senses
Daharana - concentration
Dyhana - meditation
Samadhi-  Supreme bliss.
Cathie McGill is the principle teacher with over fourteen years teaching experience and on-going learning. Incorporating principles from Hatha Yoga, Buddhist and western philisophical teachings. She is also a Reconnective Healing Practitioner and is avaialable for Reconnective healing sessions in person and distance.
Namaste - "I honour the place in you in which the entire universe dwells"
                        "I honour the place in you which is of love, of truth, light & peace"
                        "When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me....
                                                   We Are One"  

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What can yoga do for you?
The overall outcome of Yoga Practice is to restore, rejuvenate and re-unite the physical body with the internal source known as self (Atman), spirit or nature. In doing this the physical body becomes stronger the mind still, you return to wholeness.
The body has its own unique healing system. Through the Yoga practices the bodies energy lines known as nadis are activated and balanced.  This encourages the body to begin returning to perfect health and harmony.
Meditation and mindfulness are important in understanding the obstacles of the mind and how to overcome these
obstacles. These practices take us deeper to the understanding of who we are.
Once you have established an on-going practice you will acheive the following.
~increases energy levels
~reduces fatigue
~restores the connection of our true nature
~reduces the effects of ageing
~releases muscle tension 
~creates a positive mental outlook
~manages anxiety & depression
~Helps maintain a healthy spine
~heightens your awareness of self and others
~builds a healthy immune system
~ increases youthfulness and vitality
~encourages spiritual wholeness
"to the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders"