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Do you want to learn how to teach and guide others how to relax, breathe well and

use visualisation to create vital and abundant health and wellness

that benefit the lives of:- your clients/students/family/friends or collegues?

Teach others how to Relax to manage stress, burnout and fatigue, through a variety of

simple and effective Mind-Body Practices & revive & transform your self too?






This training is for anyone who wants to add life skills and effective Mind Body practices for themselves, friends, family or within their workplace that effectively and efficiently induce the Relaxation Response and reduce stress, fatigue, burnout & most importantly re connect you to your true essence. When you begin to just relax a little, breathe easier, judgements drop and you shift to a peace, a connection inside, you literally "raise your vibes". I call this your personal vibrational zone.




Expand your teaching skills to include Restorative classes, run workshops in Relaxation/Yoga Nidra. Add various themes to your classes, create self care plans for your private students and receive CPD points for each Level. Add to your Yoga therapy knowledge. You will turn your passion into purpose.



How often have you wished you had a breathing technique or a self care practice that would help your clients  drop muscular tension and stress effectively and efficiently.  Or would you like to add small group sessions to your business. The added bonus of these skills will increase your energetic flow, your community will grow because you have a gift to send home with them its called "the body awareness tool kit".






Bring the benefits of calm breathing and support in your primary care clinic or hospital or run small group classes for your staff.. Youre role as a primary carer will extend into a feeling of empowerment for those you meet everyday, the comfort, ease and support you will be able to offer can reduce there time in care and give them hope and tools to take home.



Share the importance of self care practices to enhance your clients physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Add guided mediations and progressive relaxation sessions to your clinic. Turn your passion helping others by giving them a variety of positive choices they can take home and use anytime.




Are you constantly tired fatiqued or burnt out? Finding difficulty managing anxiety or stress? You will find this course connective, supportive, restful and rejuvinating. Everyone loves this course because you get to practice lots of relaxation. 'The wound is the place the light enters you." Rumi When you rest the healing begins.



 Here is what some of the trainees experienced:


"the format of the 2-stage course worked well to teach me something new, practice, give   me confidence to develop my own classes, & inspire me to share with others. Cathie  teaches from the heart, with the warmth of a new friend, but the discipline of a respected  teacher, to ensure the students receive the full value of interactive class participation,  wether it be for their own use or the intention to teach others."

Lynn Davies (Nurse)


The Restorative level 1 training exceeded my expectations on both a personal and professional level. I gained greater awareness of my own body and  breath, which gave me revitalized enthusiasm towards my own practice. I   also gained great insight on how to teach restorative yoga, using a process  that creates a heavenly experience for students. Cathie is very generous in  sharing her 30 years of experience in yoga and her love for restorative. I would  highly recommend this course to any teacher, student or member of the  general public. The knowledge received was life changing for me and I look  forward to level 2!

  Jasmine Lewis (Yoga Teacher)



 Hi I'm Cathie , I have formulated a series of two 25 hour emmersions into to developing a Restorative Lifestyle. One that sustains our physical, mental and emotional bodies. Even more important our connection to inner source.  After being subjected to Trauma from an early age to teens, (PTSD) I found Yoga and Meditation. it has brought profound changes to my health and wellbeing, my thoughts and feelings.  It has given me the tools to reach for when I feel myself triggered through the senses and the feelings of the past rise. Through the guidance of my  inner wisdom I have been led here now to share it with you so you can share it with others in various ways to support a positive healthy interaction to life.

You can  go onto the Group Page in FB and gather up great tips and stories on how you can improve your lifestyle and transform stress into stillness and develop more prescence in your life for Free!

Restorative Yoga & Relaxation link on FB 

Or if you feel inspired to learn more see further info below.  I am only an email or a call away and there to assist you with any questions you have about the two courses........ Cathie                        


What is Restorative Yoga?

Restorative Yoga is becoming increasingly popular as a source of Deep Relaxation and Self Enquiry often the most difficult of skills to master.  Using the principles of support/sublime positioning, meditation, guided visualisation/Relaxation, breathing well, you are guided into relaxation/mindfulness. Yoga and it's associated practises are being used by Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Nurses and other Allied Health practitioners. Because it works! 

With anxiety, depression & adrenal exhaustion becoming common health issues effecting peoples energy and ablility to cope with living a work-life- balance, the importance to learn how to overcome stress is essential to good health. Further studies  in nuero science are showing how we can change and reverse the effects of stress to enhance our state of health and wellbeing. Restorative prctices and inquirydo just that.  Restorative Yoga is a practical  and effective way to reduce stress and aid the body's natural healing to take place for a wide variety of physical, mental and emotional health concerns. Studies in Relaxation and meditation reveal the associated practices to acheive this are necessary to re set the body's Flight Flight Response to withdraw and the Rest and Digest Response to Restore.

After using various applications of Yoga since 1992 I have chosen the most adaptable practices integrating these to create two weekend Workshop style courses.  Part one 2.5 days covers setting up , Principles and application of Restorative Practices,Yoga Positions, learning basic principles of breathing, Mudra, Assisting and Adjusting, Natural Healing, Intention, Awareness, Meditation/self enquiry and progressive Relaxation. Part 2 includes Principles and applications of Yoga Nidra/progressive Relaxation with the emphasis on Guided Visualisation. Meditation/contemplation, applying specific breath practices for various health conditions.  Both weekends include a Guide on how to use apply and teach . Both weekends inter relate and integrate together as a whole Restorative Lifestyle package, you can start either anytime. You will recieve your first Module on line so you can begin understanding what Restorative Integral practices are.

Transform stress into stillness programme. Restorative Training. 

Is supportive for personal transformation and Healing.  The full training is covered over 2 x 2.5 days and you can choose to commence in any level .

WHY TRAIN WITH ME? Cathie has had 24 years practicing Yoga and Meditation. Along with 28 years in the Natural Therapy industry.  She has a wealth of knowledge and shares it generously. My intention is to help you restore and guide towards a greater community where people can relax and take charge of their lives. If you would like me to travel to your state contact me.




Location: Williamstown Yoga Studio, 109 Douglas Parade, Williamstown, VIC 3016

Full Course: $475.00 (includes: 25 training hours & comprehensive training manual)
*Early Bird Price $425.00- Pay before February 10th 2018*


March 2nd- 4th
Fri 11.30am-5.30pm / Sat & Sun 9.00-5.00pm








Location: The Summit Community Centre, Norton Summit
Full Course: $450.00 
*Early Bird Prices- Pay before the 30th March 2018
Level One $425.00 or Book both level 1 & 2 for $775.00*

April 27th-29th

Fri 1-5pm / Sat & Sun 9-5.30pm




You can still get the early bird offering for this course next weekend.


**Change of Date & Venue:** October Friday 20th; 1pm- Sunday 12th 5pm.

Springwood studio, Leabrook Gardens, Adelaide Hills.


Workshop description:  

Level two will cover the Restorative poses needed for Relaxation and developing balanced breath control along with Guided Imagery, teaching Relaxation in depth, it will include practical and diverse training.

On completion you will be able to present various Guided Relaxations up to 45 min sessions & 1 hour session using Yoga Relaxation scripts & Guided Imagery . You will also learn how to incorporate specific breathing practices to encourage and restore energy levels in the body including the therapeutic applications for anyone having difficulties with breathing in general.  This weekend course is valuable for anyone either wanting to incorporate a consistant Relaxation plan, or others who work in the health and wellness industries and work in small groups or with individuals treating a various number of stress related conditions. 

However, any part of the program can be taught on its own according to the context and circumstances of individuals, teachers and there students/patients. You will receive a manual of practices and guides to use after and during the courses.

Professional Develpment Recognision: If you are a Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia/IYTA you will be awarded with 25 Cpd Points, these can go towards continuous Education.


All Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance


Location: Springwood Studio, Leabrook Gardens, Adelaide Hills 
Full Course: $425.00
October Friday 20th, Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd

Fri 1-5pm / Sat & Sun 9-5.30pm

Prospectus and Course outline here



Level 2 Restorative Yoga & Relaxation Trainings will be held in 2018. Please refer to the website towards the end of 2017 or keep up to date on our Facebook Page.








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