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Embodied Presence.

What if in each moment you were able to focus on your internal messages of the body from moment to moment. Noticing when you felt some tension, the stretching of your body during Yoga, the filling up and emptying of your breath, the hint that something is just not right, or when someone is connecting to you deeply and you felt a g...

There are those times in life where nothing appears to be going the way that you thought it would or you want it too.  You find yourself dragging your feet and wondering what you did to end up like this.  The perpetuating thoughts of nothing ever goes right....or why does everything I do seem to not go the way I want, why don't I feel happy or fulf...

The state of peace is the foundation of spiritual experience.  Where inner-peace does not exist there can be no spiritual growth, development or improvement. Modern life presents very little peace, human beings are effected by stress every day, this leads to anxiety, depression, illness, competition, disassociation, addictions, relationship breakdo...

Transform stress into Stillness through a Restorative Yoga Wisdom practice

Our body, our brain our minds and feelings, our holy divine spirit, all hold the magnificence of healing.  Given the right conditions, intentions and devotion can return us back to the natural perfect source that we are. When we are stressed or unwell, having a Restorative attitude in life is of utmost importance. We often put ourselves aside, maki...

April 3, 2017


1. Relax and Reset your Intention
Your mind can only be in one of two states at any one moment Distraction or attention. When we have awareness of this we can then change and reset our intentions to create a balanced lifestyle. By mastering your attention, you can gain greater clarity over your choices. From here you will  begin to create mo...

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Exploring the world of Interoception as an embodied practice. Trauma informed Restorative Yoga Therapy for teachers.

March 22, 2019

Develop the Habit of Surrender to Overcome Stress

March 15, 2018

The Stress Epidemic

November 6, 2017

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