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Cate McGill has been teaching for 25 years and continues to offer Yoga in a wholistic way. 
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Restorative Yoga/ Hatha Yoga & Yoga Nidra Classes and training. 
Coming up soon:- Restorative Foundations -June  4th & 5th 2022
Yoga Nidra meditation series  via Zoom Next Session starts May 2nd and includes some sweet restorative.
Restorative Yoga Teacher Training - Late 2022
Yoga Nidra Foundations  May 25th 3 weekly sessions via zoom and one full day session on June 18th.-2022

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Welcome to the Sprit of Yoga -
Meet Cate McGill

Cate has been practicing Yoga since 1991 and teaching since 1997. She has studied alternative therapies for nearly 3 decades.

Her style is Hatha based , with Restorative, Embodied practices plus Yoga Nidra.

   The spirit of Yoga is a grounded practice that slowly builds energy, improves breathing. Based on Yoga's eight step system.

For nearly 28 years Yoga has held me when I was falling, listened to me when I felt alone and led me when I felt lost.

‘Yoga’ (‘yuj’ = yoke) meaning union or one pointed awareness is the essence that gently guides us as we become still, slow down and listen.

The classes and courses support

Emotional wellbeing, enhanced through positive intentions and visualisation.

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"It is immediately obvious when sitting with Cathie the depth of her knowledge and her genuine deep love, loyalty and commitment of sharing the practices and her knowledge to those in her class. It is clear her knowledge and wisdom comes not only from her studies but from a deep and long term embodiment of the practices. read more >


During our Weekend Retreat Cathie's positive statements gave me a can do attitude, I was made to feel everything was a choice, and the group was well supported. The grounds were serene and the food tasty.


Overall, I found the weekend highly engaging with invaluable tools, resources and experiences I can take with me through my life Journey. The content has given me a lot to work with, and provided a well-rounded, holistic focus of the Yoga Nidra Practice.".

Linda H

I highly recommend Cathies courses. they have changed my life completely. The experience and practice uplifts and moves you into peace.