Zoom Live Streamed Yoga Classes -WHAT YOU WILL NEED:


  •  A reliable internet service.

  •  A device with a large screen with an inbuilt camera and microphone (ie a laptop or tablet). Zoom advises that whilst phones work, joining online ‘meetings’ (ie yoga classes) using a phone may be problematic at present due to the huge surge in online activity by many industries and workplaces. They are working to create more capacity and hopefully will have that sorted by the time we start.

  • A clear space to practise free of clutter – consider this an opportunity to tidy up or rearrange the furniture! If you have a spare unfurnished wall and a door frame nearby that would be good.

  • Your preferred choice of music (if you require it - I will only use some music occasionally)

  • Yoga Props for Restorative Yoga and some Hatha Yoga:

YOGA PROPS - Here is a full kit (props will vary and options for home practice will be given at the time):

  •  Bolster

  •  Chair (any kitchen variety will do)

  •  Mat

  • 2 -4 Blankets

  • 2 Blocks

  • Strap or Scarf

  • Eye Pillow

  • Hand Towel

OPTIONS: If you don't have commercial props you can improvise with alternatives, for example:

  • There is instruction on my FB page and on this web site for making a home-made Bolster.

  • You can use a large thick towel in place of a blanket.

  • A hard covered book can be used as a block.

Note some cheap props can also be purchased from Kmart.


We will start teaching classes with minimum props to accommodate those who do not have a full prop kit.


  • Download the Zoom app on the device you will be using and create a Zoom account. You will not need to purchase any Zoom plans. Zoom is already paid for by the host, which is Spirit of Yoga/Embodied Rest.

  • An automatic  email will be sent to you with the Zoom link to join your online class once paid.

  • Join the Class at least 10 minutes before start time to ensure you can connect, then wait, the teacher will be there 15 mins before and will greet you.

  • To join your class you can either:

    • Click on the URL link in the email we will send you which will take you directly to the Zoom online class or,

    • Open the Zoom app, click ‘Join Meeting’ and enter the Meeting ID number. The Meeting ID number will be in the email we sent you.

  • You will be given options to test your microphone and speaker.

  • Go to the ‘meeting’. You will be allowed into a ‘waiting room’ where you wait for the meeting to start. 


Zoom has some helpful tutorials to help you get started:



Please do not copy or record our classes. We are not making recorded copies. We ask you to respect our intellectual property rights and not record our classes in any way.



Mute / Unmute – I will commence each class with participants ‘Unmuted’ – this means that you can talk to us and ask questions at the beginning of class. Please minimise background noise in your practice space during class. Once we get started the teacher will ‘Mute’ participants to further minimise background noise. If, during class, you need to ask a question, you can ‘Unmute’ yourself and then ‘Mute’ yourself again once your question has been answered.

Please be Patient – We are all navigating new territory and trying the best we can to ensure that you can still do quality Yoga during this time. Initially, there may be glitches. The internet service might drop out, Zoom might crash if overloaded or the teacher might even push the wrong button!!! If the class drops out, just wait, check your emails and we will try and get it up and running again. Also if you notice that the screen goes blank or there is no sound, please Unmute and communicate...from the teaching end we can see you so it is easy to notice if you are not moving.

Good Luck... my mobile is 0418811747 so please text if you are having any problems!