Would you like a personalised Yoga experience?

Personal Yoga Sessions benefit in areas of physical injury and trauma, back and neck pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia and stress management.  

A personal session can be helpful for improving your breathing - lowering anxiety - building strength and stamina.

A personal session may include:

Physical Yoga practices



Progressive Relaxation

Remedial Therapeutics

Cathie is also a qualified Stretch therapist, activating proven contract / relax responses

ideal for back and neck injury.

 Restorative Yoga and guided relaxation sessions incorporate healing aspects of Yoga Therapy.

Energy Healing is also available and can be integrated into the session along with mentoring and guiding

These one-on-one sessions are personalised and designed to fit into your lifestyle. 


Sessions are limited - Please contact me for more information.

Cost  -  Initial session $90.00

Subsequent sessions $77.00