6 Reasons to Take a Yoga Retreat

1. Relax and Reset your Intention Your mind can only be in one of two states at any one moment Distraction or attention. When we have awareness of this we can then change and reset our intentions to create a balanced lifestyle. By mastering your attention, you can gain greater clarity over your choices. From here you will  begin to create more of a life you want rather than what you don't want.............. You will learn important grounding, relax and soothing skills to bring your mind home to a state of "mindfulness" instead of mindlessness.

2. Gain Clarity

You have to step outside of your life and into your "self" to see things as they really are. It is easy to lose sight of the big picture when we are caught up in the day-to-day details of our roller coaster life. On retreat there is nothing  "to do" you are learning how "to be", your responsibilities are only to yourself, & if you are lucky to have a great team of caring and knowledgeable people leading you your time there can significantly change your life.

3. Running on Auto Pilot.

 For a return to healthier life it's time to acknowledge that as a human being science tells us that we are running %70 on Survival/30% in balance (although I reckon it more %90 on survival mode). This means your chemical and neuro-pathways are confused with acting in Flight/fligh/freeze  most of the time. You will be acting, feeling and behaving from a place of survival. From here you are unable to see life with clarity. Your body is under constant attack, this raises blood pressure and effects the bodies  immune system to perform. After a period of time you run "out of juice" fatigue and illness set in. This is why in our modern times, it is a must to learn Restorative Yoga & relaxation and meditation skills.

.5.Receive Information/Intuition

It can be difficult to receive the very important intuitive messages that you need amidst the busyness and distractions of daily life. Whether it is a new business venture or a new relationship, or a personal issue often the answers and information are waiting for us within. When we step out of our daily lives and gain some distance it becomes easier to see how we got to where are and what the way forward is. Revelation and inspiration strike in our unguarded moments; when we stop “trying” often the solutions just appear.

4. Connect to nature

Nature cures everything, fresh air healthy food, and a positive environment filled with the Yoga vibes of community, self-care, self-reflection, connecting with others, moving the body and empowering the breath, will restore and prepare you for a return to healthier living and life fulfillment. Our true whole self exists beneath the whirlwind of thoughts and to do lists, on retreat you can gain a greater perspective by learning to listen intuitively to  your current life issues and make positive change

6. You Deserve to be Happy & Healthy

If you think about everything that you do and how much effort goes into serving others - friends, family and colleagues, then you know that you need some down time to reconnect with your source if you want to be effective at what you do in life. Life is precious and better lived when you are feeling well.

How to choose the right retreat:

Stay close to home:-

Generally if you go to a weekend retreat close to home you can  find out what the presenters are all about, someone will have information on their retreats that are local and can recommend them to you.  If you are wanting a week away somewhere, make sure your hosts are qualified and can offer to cater for your particular needs.

How long have they been running Retreats? Is a question you need to ask when enquiring, if they have been successful in continuing retreats you can be assured they are doing something right and your time away will be amazing.

Can they cater to your needs? If you have dietary or health issues can they help support that during your time away.

Cost: Is the cost within your financial means, there's no point paying a fortune on a whim to come home 

 to a financial debt that will only add strain to your situation. 

Stay Positive: You will find the right retreat at the right time which is just for you.....don't hesitate and don't make excuses, if the ideas to go to a retreat has popped up in your mind then it is there to be actioned.

About Cathie:- Cathie McGill has been involved in the Alternative Health industry since 1992.  She has been a health practitioner in a number of modalities and has facilitated Yoga - Meditation - Healing - Guided Relaxation - Yoga Nidra for Groups and individuals in both a private and public setting.

She is the Founder of Restorative Yoga Wisdom Training course and runs retreats and workshops around Australia.


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