Tension building up in your Muscles?

Bend and stretch, reach for the sky stand on tippy toes oh so high.... do you remember Romper Room? .....maybe not! Well this favorite rhyme came to mind today as I took a stretch and Yawn this morning and felt warm fuzzies rush through my spine.

Have you noticed in the mornings how you naturally want to stretch and yawn? This is your Nervous System preparing you for movement. Given the title of pandiculation - it is our innate response to the sensations of lack of movement and to tension building up in our muscles—which often go hand in hand.

I notice this happening when staring at a screen for too long.

The action of pandiculation sends biofeedback to our nervous system alerting the level of contraction in our muscles, thereby helping to prevent the buildup of chronic muscular tension. During feedback it contracts and releases muscles in such a way that the (gamma loop) feedback loop in our nervous system which regulates the level of tension in our muscles, is naturally reset. Therefore reducing muscular tension...awesome!

Whats Fascinating is you can use this cue as a guide of when to "bend and Stretch" to release tight muscles and ignite your energy levels. It seems once movement is engaged and your attention moves back into your body, it's wisdom invites you to play. Your body knows what it needs, listen to it!

Integrating Yoga Practices - Six Super stretches.

Here's six ways to get an easy and quick fix stretch...adding the breath to increase energy, make it a daily routine.

Breath Stretches:-

Inhale then move into your desired stretch position starting with the first one reaching your arms above your head, then exhale to one side, inhale to the middle and exhale to the other side, exhale bring the arms down....repeat twice more Next join the hands behind your back, inhale stretch and move the hands away from your body and feel the breath opening your chest, exhale relax the hands on the back, repeat twice more.

Second group:- Sitting on a chair, move to where your feet are firm on the ground, inhale and lengthen your body forward until you can touch the ground, if you can reach the legs of the chair, exhale and bring your body closer to the floor, alternatively stretch towards the ground. Hold for 3 - 6 breaths. (Note: if you can not reach the floor place some blocks or a small table in front as a support to help you stretch and relax)

Back bend, hold onto the chair and step forward until your arms are straight... and move the front of your hips forward, inhale lift your chest and exhale lean back, hold 3 breaths, lifting and leaning back a little more each time.

Twist:- sit on side of chair with back hand on seat and front on the top, inhale use the top hand to pull you around as you exhale, hold for 3 breaths, move further around as your body releases.

If you enjoyed this, join in on one of the online live classes or workshops, teacher training programs to learn other methods that balance your nervous system and engage more vitality and wellness into your daily life.

Cathie is a Registered Senior teacher and practitioner of Yoga for nearly 3 decades. Her interests in Mind body connection and its innate science has been a life long love.

Connect via the website www.spiritofyoga.com.au

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