What to do when you feel "stuck"

There are those times in life where nothing appears to be going the way that you thought it would or you want it too.  You find yourself dragging your feet and wondering what you did to end up like this.  The perpetuating thoughts of nothing ever goes right....or why does everything I do seem to not go the way I want, why don't I feel happy or fulfilled, I can't make up my mind, I just don't know what to do?

Rest assured this is normal, we need to be stuck at times.  Its not the "stuck" that's the problem it's the acceptance that being stuck just might be a good thing and recognising this as an insight for change.

We rush against time, often ending up somewhere way before we are actually meant to be there or not arriving at all.  Now this might sound a little confusing so let me explain.....

There is a flow and rythym within our life which is our natural vibe or personal feeling tone that we are born with. Our modern day living creates the environment of "rush" and "have to's" and "need it now", we get worn our and worn down.

As we go against these natural moment to moment experiences we are missing the the important synchronicities that are constantly showing up in our life but we just cant catch them. Have you ever considered that  your life does have an underlying plan and  to fulfil this you have to learn how to go with this natural flow and recognise it within your day to day life to get "un-stuck".

Now I know this sounds all "hippie" and "fairytale" like, but I can assure you that this is how I have observed not just my life but those of many I have worked with and associated with. Anyway what's wrong with a Fairytale! The story always describes something blessed with unusual happiness.  Let's plan now to get "un - stuck". Ask yourself these questions and answer them....

What gives your life Meaning? What are you doing and what do you bring to life?

Be honest everyone has something that gives them a reason to live, and everyone has a purpose, weather you are living that or towards it, it is the purpose of this question to see where you are at!

Set some priorities by simplifying your life.

When we are stuck it's energetic, everything requires and has energy, being stuck means your natural vibe is not moving or flowing towards it's destination.....  the more stuff, people we have to look after or up to, to think about or go to, drain our energy supply and when you are stuck you need energy to gain clarity. Set your priorities and leave the rest out for now.

Prioritise Time:

Once you have simplified own your own time, avoid un necessary distractions, learn to say no when you mean no and Yes when you mean Yes. Getting un-stuck requires you to start to relate to "time" in a different way.

Your mind thinks in Pictures.

Now ask yourself what outcome you want so you feel that your life will get back into it's natural flow right now....it may be associated with a relationship, a personal transformation, your work where you live or your love life. Choose one simple thing, like a mini goal.  Now visualise that happening now feel how good it is to have and be going in the direction of your purpose by achieving this. (anything is possible,  if you don't dip your toe in the water you will never know).

Sit back and every day realise your mini goal and be thankful that it is manifesting, be alert within each moment to see how this is arriving within your life, expect it to happen....it won't take long if it's a short and achievable goal.  This will begin to build back your confidence.

Something practical you can do to raise your vibes:

Being a Yoga and meditation Geek I have to let you in on a couple of secrets....the first and most effective way to gain energy and clarity is to breathe well. There are many ways to do this however it's best to keep with the most simple things that can get us back on track and re set our vibes.

Easy Breath:

Practice this Now....and then make it a priority to include it up to 5 times a day, start with 6 rounds then build it up to 21, you can do this sitting, driving, walking, relaxing or meditating....with your eyes open or closed....you just need to add it to your priorities!

Start by noticing and feeling your body, where ever you are or whatever you are doing just be in this body in at this time. To help with this, you can ask yourself...Where am I? What am I doing? (this helps to get your mind back in the moment)

....now just notice your breathing, follow your in breath through your nose into your lungs and follow it back out again....notice how it creates movement and feeling.

Next time you inhale make it longer, wider, deeper, when you exhale.... longer, slower and complete.

That's it, you have now mastered how to concentrate on your breath and change how you breathe....these deeper longer breathes will increase the oxygen in your body which feeds your cells and energy circuits and the longer fuller out breathes cleanse your body by eliminating toxins the "hold on too's" that get us stuck.....it also gets you out of your head into your body.

Nothing Changes Attitude faster than practicing Gratitude...

I suspect you have heard this over and over.... it's not just a popular new age way of living, it actually helps.  When we feel thankful for something it raises our confidence and creates a sense of connectedness. It can make us feel good and improve our self worth along with bringing in more good to us, it's a magnet of possibilities.

...thank others for all that they do

...Focus on the good receiving and giving activate

....appreciate the small things

...look for opportunities that are pleasureable

...learn to be thankful for everything even the ones that appear negative

...engage your senses often, notice how they allow you to respect and engage with the world around you.

...give thanks for your day , when you wake and retire, be thankful you are still breathing and living.

...let yourself notice how much goodness there is in the world.

There's no excuse to stay stuck, you attracted this blog for a reason:)


Cathie McGill is the founder of Spirit of Yoga and Restorative Yoga Wisdom Training Course.

She has spent 25 years devoting her life to personal transformation and has a genuine interest in how  mind/body medicine can be used to heal and restore.


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