Welcome to Restorative Yoga training page. Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra have never been so important as a Yoga practice and therapy support than now.

Both courses now have an online theory component, which means you can start learning before the lives..

Restorative is a 15 lesson online with a 3 day attendance (no streaming is available for this as yet)

Yoga Nidra  online component includes all theory plus recordings and meditations to prepare you for a 2 day in studio and live streamed option. Meaning you can join in from anywhere in the world.

If you would like to begin the training head over to the bookings page.

There is more information about the Yoga Nidra on the Yoga Nidra training page.

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Cathie McGill



Expand your teaching skills to include Restorative classes.
Run workshops in Relaxation / Yoga Nidra.
Add various themes to your classes, create self-care plans for your private students and receive CPD points for each Level.
Add to your Yoga Therapy knowledge.
You will turn your passion into purpose.



How often have you wished you had a breathing technique or a self-care practice that would help your clients drop muscular tension and stress effectively and efficiently? 
Would you like to add small group sessions to your business? 
The added bonus of these skills is an increase in your energetic flow, your community will grow because you have a gift to send home with them - it's called "the body awareness tool kit".


Bring the benefits of calm breathing and support in your primary care clinic or hospital or run small group classes for your staff.
Your role as a primary carer will extend into a feeling of empowerment for those you meet every day, the comfort, ease and support you will be able to offer can reduce their time in care and give them hope and tools to take home.


Share the importance of self-care practices to enhance your client's physical, mental and emotional well-being. Add guided meditations and progressive relaxation sessions to your clinic.


Realise your passion for helping others by giving them a variety of positive choices they can take home and use anytime.


Are you constantly tired, fatigued or burnt out? Finding difficulty managing anxiety or stress?


You will find this course connective, supportive, restful and rejuvenating. Everyone loves this course because you get to practice lots of relaxation.


Embodied Rest Training Program - Currently offered online and Live

Welcome, with the current situation of isolation, the May Restorative Training Course will be offered online theory and Live stream. This still carries the same Points and approvals from Yoga Australia. If you would like to know more we are happy to assist you to find out if this unique training course is suited to your needs.


After using various applications of Yoga since 1992 and teaching since 1997, I have chosen what I believe are the most adaptable practices, integrating these to create a Workshop-style course over 2 weekends.


Foundation Level over three days covers setting up, principles and application of Restorative Practices, Yoga Positions, learning basic principles of breathing, Mudras, Assisting and Adjusting,  Intention, Awareness, Meditation/self-enquiry and Progressive Relaxation. It includes stress physiology, Yoga philosophy , home study and reflections. Yoga props are required for this course.


Yoga Nidra & Guided Imagery includes Principles and applications of Yoga Nidra / Progressive relaxation with the emphasis on Guided Visualisation, Meditation / Contemplation, applying specific breath practices for various health conditions. On completion you will be able to present various Guided Relaxations in up to 45 min sessions and on 1 hour sessions using Yoga Relaxation Scripts and Guided Imagery. You will also learn how to incorporate specific Savasana (relaxation positions) set ups that work towards efficient and effective relaxation responses including breathing practices to encourage and restore energy levels in the body, including the therapeutic aspects of  the practice for the body - mind and brain. 

Both weekends inter-relate and integrate together as a whole Restorative Lifestyle package and includes a guide on how to use, apply and teach. You will also learn skills on how you can integrate these practices into your workplace and how to adapt them personally or in a group setting.

You can start either anytime and any part of the program can be taught on its own according to the context and circumstances of teachers and their students / patients.

Yoga teachers love this practice because they get to be nourished in deep states of relaxation while changing the bodies nervous system gently.

You will become Gifted at facilitating the healing work of the body and mind, strengthen your

intuitive abilities and come from a place of deep compassion and understanding.

Your first module will be provided online so you can begin understanding what Restorative Integral practices are about prior to the course and you will receive a Manual of practices/guides to use after and during the course. 

All Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance. for the weekend.  Those going on to complete the full course will receive a Certified Restorative Yoga Wisdom Certificate. (Please note there is a $125.00 assessment fee for each course this includes the  on line Modules of the Teaching components and required assessment tasks for certification


Professional Development Recognition: If you are a Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia / IYTA you will be awarded with 30 CPD Points which can go towards Continuous Education.Various Massage associations also approve this course for points - check with your association directly.

Would You Like To Become a Restorative Yoga Facilitator?

Do you want to learn how to teach and guide others how to relax, breathe well and use visualisation to create vital and abundant health and wellness that benefits the lives of your clients / students / family / friends or colleagues?

Would you like to have the key tools on how to relax and manage stress, burnout and fatigue through a variety of simple and effective Mind-Body Practices and revive and transform yourself too? Are you ready to revitalize your life?
Restorative yoga training programs are here to help.

Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) are well suited for anyone with an injury, recovering from illness, or overwhelmed - stressed or burnt out.  It is also vital to creating a wholesome lifestyle.


Training is for anyone who wants to learn life skills and effective Mind Body practices that effectively and efficiently induces the Relaxation Response and reduces stress, fatigue, burnout.  It encompasses an integration of both Neuro Science - Embodiment, Ancient Yoga practices - and most importantly re sets and reconnects you to your true essence of wholeness and wellbeing. When you begin to just relax a little and breathe easier, judgements drop and you shift to a peace, a connection inside, you literally "raise your energy  vibes". You begin to Thrive rather than just survive I call this embodiment tuning. Its when you are feeling up rather than tired, confused overwhelmed and vague.

To learn more and experience Restorative Yoga Wisdom practices, you can join a specific class, workshop or complete the Training. You learn and heal best by practicing it, there s no better way to understand Restorative Practice and it's true nature,  by spending 3 days, deep within. You will read many testimonials of the transformational power of both the 3 and 2 day courses here or on the spirit of Yoga Adelaide, Facebook page.


Why Train With Me?

Respectfully and purposefully the past 28 years Cathie has practiced, Yoga - Meditation and Healing Modalities and adopted Yoga Teaching in 1997.  She has integrated her knowledge gained within several Yoga & Buddhist Traditions, with extensive experience in the Natural Therapy industry, I have a wealth of knowledge and a desire to share it generously. My intention is to help others recover and restore, to support and guide them toward a community where people can relax and take charge of their lives, where a reaction phase is less and we grow together towards wholesome living.  Nothing really changes until we become relaxed.  In this state we are often able to make better decisions, reduce stress and have a sense of wellbeing. The course values and supports Trauma Sensitive Yoga practice is non sectarian and is an all inclusive learning environment open to anyone with or without experience..


APD Approved by Yoga Australia

This course is approved by Yoga Australia for APD.

Yoga Teachers can be confident in knowing that the course has the approval of Yoga Australia for Approved Professional Development (APD). This ensures that teachers can access quality professional development training and meet Yoga Australia’s quality standards while increasing their training hours from 200 - 500 hours.

If you would like me to travel to your state, please contact me - I don't limit my teachings to South Australia!

My Restorative Wisdom Mission


When I arrived at my darkest of moments, those moments of not wanting to be here, not liking myself, I had to pull it together for I was now a mother and had someone else to answer to, to care for. So I changed my personal Yoga Practice and went back to the first practice that lifted me out of my constant anxiety and personal condemnation: 

Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga's Child Position (Humble Foetus as I call it in my training program).

These Ancient practices alone created a space and insight to be able to navigate through and towards

 healing, it then became the platform as my personal  life purpose (Dharma )to do what traditionally has been done and to offer on to others all that has been passed down as effective life skills. The key to all healing is to become relaxed first and foremost, there is no other option...

the importance of self-nurture and self compassion acts as a stabilizer, like strong roots and we fertilise this with practices for specific purposes.

Restorative Yoga practices have become such an important part of my own ongoing healing.


It is my wish and intention as to why this course evolved and continues to evolve.....that eventually there will be a house on every street where the immediate community can join together once a week and practice relaxation. When this happens the "world will find peace".

Lynn Davies (Nurse)

The format of the 2-stage course worked well to teach me something new, practice, give me confidence to develop my own classes, & inspire me to share with others. Cathie teaches from the heart, with the warmth of a new friend, but the discipline of a respected teacher, to ensure the students receive the full value of interactive class participation, whether it be for their own use or the intention to teach others.

Jasmine Lewis (Yoga Teacher)

The Restorative level 1 training exceeded my expectations on both a personal and professional level. I gained greater awareness of my own body and breath, which gave me revitalised enthusiasm towards my own practice. I also gained great insight on how to teach Restorative Yoga, using a process that creates a heavenly experience for students. Cathie is very generous in sharing her years of experience in yoga and her love for restorative. I would highly recommend this course to any teacher, student or member of the general public. The knowledge received was life changing for me and I look forward to level 2!

Johanna (Massage Therapist / Healer)

Just wanted to share my experience with you after my very first Restorative Session. It was a one on one. This person had a vulnerable experience thanks to the 5 fundamentals as they were able to feel safe, supported and able to allow for emotions to surface. Emotions that they had not experienced for many many years.  I felt such compassion and loving kindness during the session and the energy was wonderful..truly humbled by the experience. I am so grateful for having met you and have the training with you, and for all your teachings that allows me to offer Restorative Practices and to create a space for others to experience, feel, restore.Thank You, thank you, thank you. xx

Lara (Yoga Teacher)

I am a qualified Hatha yoga teacher and now have attended, completed and passed both Level 1 and Level 2 and gained the 50 hours of Restorative yoga with Cathie at Spirit of Yoga. It is immediately obvious when sitting with Cathie the depth of her knowledge in this area and her genuine deep love, loyalty and commitment of sharing the practices and her knowledge to those in her class. It is clear her knowledge and wisdom comes not only from her studies but from a deep and long term embodiment of the practices. Cathie is very detailed and thorough and passes down the teachings with meticulous instructions and an air of grace. I can see how adding restorative yoga to my personal practice and sharing with others can start to bring healing and profound transformation. I would highly recommend Cathie at Spirit of Yoga for anyone wanting to expand their yoga practice or teachings to include true and traditional Restorative yoga.

Norwood SA 5067, Australia

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