Yoga Teacher Mentoring 

Are you a yoga teacher looking to learn more with the guidance of a Senior Teacher with 28 years expertise? 

Weather you have graduated from a training course, are a teacher trainee or an experienced teacher and would like to become an even better teacher, connecting with a mentor can  provide the support and knowledge required to not only improve your teaching skills, but also support your personal growth , offering sustainable guides at an affordable cost.

Your mentor, Cathie McGill has been teaching and training teachers over 25 + years, and has mentored and supported teachers both personally and professionally.

Her Intention as a teacher and guide is to support you towards a state of Yoga where you can develop the clarity and confidence towards your true purpose within the profession of Yoga and your own personal development.  Yoga is not Just Asana practice, there is so much more. 


As a Modern teacher we are faced with developing a variety of skill sets that allow for more balance back into the lives of our students -    With such a rise in stress, Yoga is not only sought after for the Physical benefits but also the emotional support.

Do you feel that you are missing the links to becoming a whole and connected teacher, and looking to find the missing link that is holding you back ?  Are you looking for support and guidance with Asana - Pranayama - Mudra - Meditation - Yoga Nidra - Healing - Teaching skills?

Are you drawn to develop skills and wish to improve your:-

  • confidence - Are you anxious about your teaching style

  • your ability to cue accurately

  • Communication

  • Build a student base

  • Learn physical adjustments/enhancements

  • Develop your own signature sequencing For all Yoga Styles

  • How to break down Classical Asanas for various bodies

  • Teaching various age levels - using props - 

  • Need clarity on your Dharma or purpose and Intentions to move forward

  • How to include Pranayama - Yoga Nidra - Meditation - Chakra's

  • The business aspects of Yoga

  • Yoga Sutras and philosophy 

  • Science of Yoga

Whats on Offer

  • A free 15 min Zoom/Skype initially to assess our connection and suitability

  • One on one - In studio or via Skype - Cost Initial $90/$75 there after

  • Group Mentoring up to 4 teachers cost is $35 hr/ per person (after an initial session)


I look forward to sharing Yoga with You.
If you can relate to any of the above, don’t worry. You’re not alone!