Yoga Nidra  training is now a live and online course.  It is open for you to attend in person and live streamed.  Offering also an online self paced learning component.

You can now take the Journey of Yoga Nidra from Home Online at your own paced learning.  The new course includes an online theory component with meditations and Guided Yoga Nidra, including Savasana Set ups that you can explore at your own pace. Then to complete the course there is a two day live in studio or via zoom, where you get the teaching skills and further understanding of the process.  If you want to secure a certificate then you will be required to fulfill all the assessment and attendance requirements and complete the extra teaching modules given out after the course, there is a fee of $125 to cover the costs of the assessment and extra module content. (this is to be paid within 7 days after the completion of the course for those wishing to go onto teaching)

To learn a little more about the course and to meet Cathie see the video below

Yoga Nidra & Guided Imagery

Yoga Nidra training course is based on the traditional teachings  with the emphasis on integrating Relaxation as a therapy for stress and the improvement of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  It includesn Guided Visualisation, Meditation / Contemplation, applying specific breath practices for various health conditions. On completion you will be able to present various Guided Meditation via the Yoga Nidra Method from  45 min sessions and on 1 hour sessions using Yoga Relaxation Scripts and Guided Imagery. You will also learn how to incorporate specific Savasana (relaxation positions) set ups that work towards efficient and effective relaxation responses ithat encourage and restore energy levels in the body, including the therapeutic aspects of  the practice for the body - mind and brain. 

​ You will also learn skills on how you can integrate these practices into your workplace and how to adapt them personally or in a group setting.

​You will become Gifted at facilitating the healing work of the body and mind, strengthen your

intuitive abilities and come from a place of deep compassion and understanding.

​Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance. for the practical training.  Those going on to complete the full course with completion of assessments will receive a full certificate.


Professional Development Recognition: If you are a Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia / IYTA you will be awarded with 20 CPD Points which can go towards Continuous Education.Various Massage associations also approve this course for points - check with your association directly.

Norwood SA 5067, Australia

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