Welcome to the New look Yoga Nidra  Level 1, our first programme sold out so I am happy to offer another opportunity to settle into the healing practice of Nidra  commencing in Late March 2022 -   It is open to anyone wanting to develop a practice of deeply resting , returning to wholeness.

  The new course  will be held in various stages.

After this first course, you can go on with your personal practice or apply for teacher training, where you can learn how to facilitate Yoga Nidra to others. You get to choose how you learn and to what extent.


Understand how Yoga Nidra Meditation works and the difference it makes just after a couple of weeks.  


Over the time of the training, we will explore the science and the phases , incorporating guided practices which we build upon each week.  You will receive manual and other theory practices , including videos Savasana Set ups that you can practice as we journey together. Then to complete the course there is a one day live in studio , where you get to experience Yoga Nidra's deep healing process. 


If you want to secure a certificate then you will be required to attend Level 2 Teacher Training Component Held over 2 days on the weekend Dates TBA  A letter of attendance will be given on completion of level 1.

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Yoga Nidra & Guided Imagery

How does Yoga Nidra assist with our wellness - In essence it is a retuning or toning of our nervous systems to feel safe once more. To empty the subconscious layers of the minds past impressions, especially those impressions that have traumatised our sensitive selves. Each time we meet with the practice we have an opportunity to slow down, become curiously conscious as we play in the realms of visualisation - feeling - thoughts.  Here we can begin to offer up more wholesome and heartfelt imagery and to listen to our unique bodies to discover what is most effective in our personal healing journey.


Yoga Nidra training course is based on the traditional teachings  from the Sivananda method with the emphasis on integrating Nidra as a process to deep states of rest that transform  as a therapy for the improvement of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  It includes Guided Visualisations, Meditation / Contemplation, applying specific Yoga Pranayama (breath practices) for to create calm and balance.


Dates: March 2022  - Friday 25th 6pm - 8.30 pm Via Zoom only

Friday April 1st 4.00pm - 8.30 pm ( includes Japanese onsen practice)

One Day Retreat, Saturday April 2nd. 930am - 4pm

The course is offered over 2 levels:

Level one:

  • Pranayama practice - 2 breath practices for balance and calm.

  • 9 phases of practice

  • Brainwaves and awareness

  • Heartfelt practices

  • Health benefits of Yoga Nidra

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Yoga Nidra techniques

  • Questions and answers

  • Preparation for Yoga Nidra - 3 Savasana positions

  • Intention - Sankalpa

3 x sessions 

accompanying online theory and practice if you choose

What you will cover in the 3 sessions.

History and purpose of Yoga Nidra.

The 9 phases of the Yoga Nidra

2 Breath practices to bring calm and balance

3 Variations of a Guided Nidra Practice.

3 Savasana positions; (this allows anyone to be able to practice regardless of any health or physical limitations)

Theory of practice.

Full Day Course:- 

  • Pranayama practice

  • Yoga Philosophy

  • Five sheaths

  • Health benefits of Yoga Nidra

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Yoga Nidra techniques & scripts

  • Heartfelt Invocation/Sankalpa - Introduction

  • Questions and answers

  • Integrating various visualisations

In level one training, you will experience 14 hours of Yoga Nidra  transported through various relaxation techniques and Yoga Nidra practices. You will be guided through the sessions and learn step by step inwards exploring its healing power.

The practice is scheduled so that it deepens over the time of thesessions. Each session will include at least one long Nidra session and include gentle preparation practices, Meditation, Pranayama (breathing exercise), guided Yoga Nidra practice. With preparation, you will be carefully guided towards deeper practices each time.

At the end of each session, you have the chance to ask your personal questions and share your experiences with others.

The weekly session is recorded for those who are unable to attend during the week. and a recording is available for up to the commencement of session 2.  A Manual/booklet will also be offered

The day retreat is not recorded and attendance is necessary.

Who is this course for:-


#Pilatespersonal trainers





On completion of level one:

On completion of level one you will be able to incorporate Guided Meditation via the Yoga Nidra method and access breath practices that restore, balance and bring calm to the Mind , and Body. Increasing your level of resilience and raise your consciousness.

You will also learn how to incorporate specific Savasana (relaxation positions)  that work towards efficient and effective relaxation responses that encourage and restore energy levels in the body,  including the therapeutic aspects of  the practice for the body - mind and brain. 

​ You will also learn skills on how you can integrate these practices into your workplace and how to adapt them personally or in a group setting.

Level two teacher training:

Once established in the experience of Yoga Nidra you can go onto learn how to facilitate sessions in groups and personal. Yoga Nidra is unique in its phases and intention of changing consciousness and reducing sub conscious and unconscious habits and past memory  through imagery.

The course is offered in an integrative way allowing the practitioner to offer Yoga Nidra over various applications depending on their specific class or therapy.

You will be required to attend the full course . It will come complete with a manual and assessment information, scripts and practices which you will be able to keep and use after.

  • Pranayama practice

  • Yoga Philosophy

  • Five sheaths

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Yoga Nidra techniques & Scripts

  • Heartfelt practice -Sankalpa 

  • Questions and answers

  • Guiding others - integrating into your classes and clinic

  • Teaching practice

  • Integrating various visualisations

What you will be required to have for the training: ( you will receive more information about this on booking)​ Please note some props will be available for level one, however it is encouraged that you bring your own props.  Level two requires you to have a full set of Props.

  • Yoga mat

  • Shawl or a blanket to cover yourself

  • 2 -3 other firm Yoga Blankets or large towels

  • Yoga Bolster or two firm pillows

  • two yoga blocks or two sold shoe boxes 

  • Eye Pillow or scarf

  • A quiet room

Your Facilitator Cathie McGill:-

Cathie began practicing Yoga Nidra and guided meditation body scans in the early 1990's through the guidance of her teacher Mantra Murthi and Sheila Norbury. She went onto teach and incorporate Yoga Nidra in both classes and personal sessions for others as a support for PTSD and other health problems.

Yoga Nidra assisted with her own personal healing of complex stress disorder and she still incorporates visualisation and intention practices to continue to strengthen both emotional resilience and peace of mind.  She has found that restorative practices are essential in welcoming in the sensitive self which leads to a deeper connection and understanding of our true nature.

Cathie worked as an alternative therapist for 14 years. She has had a long history of supporting others towards physical and spiritual wellbeing.

She also offers  Restorative Yoga and Hatha Yoga sessions and training.

On Completion:

​If you are drawn to deepen your understanding of Yoga Nidra and wish to become gifted at facilitating the healing work of the body and mind, strengthen your

intuitive abilities and support and hold space for others, then this can be achieved in the new teacher training component. ( dates out soon)

​Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance for level one.  Those going on to complete the full course (level 2)  with completion of assessments will receive a full certificate.


Professional Development Recognition: If you are a Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia / IYTA you will be awarded with 13 CPD Points level one - Level 2/ 35 points which can go towards Continuous Education.

Various Massage associations also approve this course for points - check with your association directly.

Cost for attendance only - no theory

Three Wednesday night sessions $99

# Sessions plus full day retreat $195.00 EB 

Full Cost with theory:-$395.00

Level one:

Early Bird $333.00 

Booking information:- when booking please ensure that you book for either via Zoom or in Studio (studio places are limited) Next Course 2022

Level two: $445.00 ( early bird $375.00)

If you would like to receive our subscribers special discounts - sign up on the contact form and pop Yoga Nidra Training in the subject.